Omnilux New-U – Red And Infrared Light Therapy

Omnilux New-U by Photo Therapeutics is a light therapy device, using both red and infrared LEDs. Also called photo rejuvenation, LED light therapy as the name suggests uses light therapy machines you can find at dermatologists offices and spas. Its head is quite wide compared to most other products of its category (Baby Quasar), you can thus treat a large surface. Thus, you will save some time, a smaller light head means you have to spend more time to treat your whole face. Professional LEDs machines are generally composed of very large light panels that cover your whole face.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles in the lips corners and periorbital area can be significantly reduced with LEDs. Skin absorbs red light at a 8-10 mm depth which stimulates the collagen production, which of course makes your skin smoother by filling wrinkles. 7 out of 10 subjects have seen their wrinkles reduced, and skin tone improved.

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Photo rejuvenation actually treats more than wrinkles, it is also effective to help sun damaged skin, irregular pigmentation, redness and acne. This is your own natural body repair process that is triggered: skin cells renewal and circulation increase. Ongoing treatments with Omnilux New-U will provide you with a better skin clarity and tone.

It cannot be easier to use it, just push the start button and let the light on your skin do the job. The device is equipped with red diodes and infrared diodes. Geting red and infrared light therapy at the same time provide better results, indeed they penetrate the skin at different level of depth and thus encourage more of your natural body healing processes.

There is another Photo Therapeutics device for the specific treatment of acne, Omnilux Clear-U. This one emits both red and blue lights. Red and blue light therapy can be combined together to fight acne effectively, since each color of light is used for a different result.

If you considered a professional treatment but found the price quite prohibitive then owning a home LED light therapy device such as the Omnilux New-U could really be a solution to keep in mind. You can now perform your own treatment from the comfort of your own home and save few hundreds of dollars in the process.

Omnilux New-U – Red And Infrared Light Therapy

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